"The presenter, Akua Boyenne, was very generous. Not only with her knowledge and insights, but also with her care and compassion. It was a joy to meet her and to benefit from her impressive career. I truly hope that I will someday get the opportunity to cross paths with Ms. Boynenne again, when I have a huge film project in need of legal advice!"

Erin Rasmussen - Producer

"Akua is an excellent entertainment lawyer. She gave us so many great tips about distribution and how to understand a contract."

Isabel - Filmmaker

"I became more confident in my understanding of the business side of the filmmaking. I walked away feeling more adequate and understanding how to communicate and fight for my film"

Tracey Haze - Filmmaker

"I can't believe she had such vast knowledge and was willing to spend her time with us. I walked out that hotel really feeling empowered. I took twenty pages of notes. I feel like I have a mini associate's degree. She was very patient and answered all of my questions.
She is one of those phenomenal women you hear about and only hope to meet."

Diana Means, President & CEO, Alliance of Women Filmmakers, California